Guillermo Martinez Suspension for Five Game

MLB has handed Blue Jays hitting coach Guillermo Martinez an indefinite suspension of five games after "making contact" against Umpire Doug Eddings.

Personally, I believe Martinez was off with Eddings by 6 inches, but that was close enough for Eddings to consider the ball striking him.

Coaches should not make contact with umpires.The video shows the lineup card exchange I can't discern any contact being made, however the video comes far away.

If I were Eddings I would not want this story to go on forever since when you come up with additional stories on it,

here will be a mention that Eddings missed a record-breaking 29 calls in the game on Tuesday.

If you recall, it was the case that righthanded batters' strike zones was believed to extend a foot from the other side of the field.

The Jays were the ones to bear most of the burden from the horrible strike zone. Umpire Scorecards show that the calls favor that of the White Sox by 2.03 runs.

The 64% strike accuracy is notable to me, since it's only a little higher than what we'd anticipate from calling strikes using a coin. strikes.

We've seen plenty of bad umpiring this year but this game was far superior to what we've seen so far.Let's go for the Robo Umps.