Dodgers News: Veteran LA Reliever Suffers ACL Injury

Daniel Hudson suffered a knee injury on Friday night which will keep him off the field for the remainder of the season.

The bug of injury continues to infect the Dodgers.

The bug of injury continues to infect the Dodgers. Prior to when LA started the three game series they have in Atlanta the team placed Andrew Heaney,

who was scheduled to begin today and was placed on the injured-list due to shoulder injury.

In the eighth innings in the eighth inning, the reliever Daniel Hudson suffered a knee injury that forced his out of the game.

Following the game AM570's David Vassegh confirmed the worst scenario for both Hudson as well as the Dodgers Hudson

 - the right-hander sustained an ACL tear. Hudson will be out for the remainder year.

Following the game, Roberts highlighted the pain on his team of losing one of their most reliable relief players.

"It's possible to be a major cost for our team. It's hard losing any athlete however, Huddy is one that we trust in a variety of ways.

On the field, as well as being one of the top players at the Clubhouse.

...Obviously that's the case when we have Blake Treinen gone We've relied on him for leverage positions in order to keep Huddy with us.

There's an exponential impact on our team."The 35-year-old had an 2.22 ERA this season.