Disney has officially admitted back Johnny Depp to Pirates of the Caribbean. Although he's not been confirmed for any of the new movies as of yet,

however, Depp is back officially as the mascot for the ride that has been a fixture in the Disneyland theme park since. In 1967,

the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was closed for some work on its refurbishment, which included improvements to the sound

and cleaning and could have been related to the characters featured in the show, however the fans were thrilled to discover that Depp returned to his role acting as the Captain Jack Sparrow.

If we're being truthful, the it was possible that the plan to refurbish was to evict Johnny Depp had he lost his case against his the ex-wife Amber Heard, however, this was not the scenario.

It's just speculation, however, the timing is somewhat random. Many people were wondering what might take place next at Disney as they had first projected a picture

 that showed Depp on the walls of Disneyland Paris just a few days after he won his case. It led to people criticizing the company,

saying that Disney should apologize to him, particularly because they're willing to display his image in the future.

This is a legitimate demand. It's nice to see him returning to his role to the best of his abilities even though he has only appeared in a few shows so far.

Pirates of the Caribbean just would not be the same with out Johnny Depp.

While there's a film that will be directed by Margot Robbie who is a great actor, Depp would be sorely missed.

Another Pirates spinoff is said to be in the sights of Dwayne Johnson however we would like to have Depp be a part of that film too.

Whatever the case, we're eager to see Depp get back to his finest part, if not his best.

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